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Bung King One Piece Risers

So the question we get most frequently asked.. who has the best risers or what risers are those. The answer to that is non other than the man himself Darin at Bung King in Campbell California. Available in any size, and almost any style you need, if you're in the market for an awesome set of risers you cant go wrong here. For $138.00 (more for custom) you cant beat the quality of these! The bar and riser combo allows the rider to adjust the bar pitch to better meet their riding style and lets face it compared to a 1 piece internal bar set up, the install can be done much more timely and if you don't like your bar width/height/shape, simply just swap out the top bar for something more your style. If you get regular risers that do not have the connected bottom like Bung Kings one piece risers, you will experience riser shift, unless you go with a gauge clamp and solid bushings. With the one piece design, it allows you to run rubber or poly bushings with no shift and keeps the vibration from solids out of your hands. Available in different finishes and internal or non options. It would be tough to say there's a better cost efficient riser on the market today. 

Picture 1 (10 inch Bung King Risers with TMF Sig Bend)

Picture 2 (10 inch Bung King Risers with Lucky Daves)

Check em out in our hand and foot control section of our online store to order a set today!