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Dave Mackie Engineering Cams 06-UP Twin Cam

Original price $343.99 - Original price $374.99
Original price
$343.99 - $374.99
Current price $343.99

Dave Mackie Engineering Camshafts

DME camshafts are designed using three decades of Dyno testing, racing, touring, street rodding, and research with cams of all major manufacturers. Our familiarity with the pros and cons of nearly every cam on the market, along with our vast experience with different cylinder head characteristics, have given us a unique insight into what the Harley-Davidson engine needs to accomplish the goals of the customer. Every goal is different, and every combination of carburetion, ignition, exhaust pipes, gearing, vehicle/rider weight, altitude etc. is different. We have the knowledge and experience to recommend the "just right" camshaft for you. Keep in mind that we sell all major brands of camshafts, and if we feel that one of them is better for your application we will recommend it to you. Our goal is to provide you with the best performance possible.


  • 510 Cams (.510 Lift 240* Duration)
  • 575 Cams (.575 Lift 248* Duration)
  • 598 Cams (.598 Lift 256* Duration)
  • 630 Cams (.630 Lift 262* Duration)
  • Available in Chain or Gear
  • Made in the USA