Legend Revo A Shocks

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The REVO coil shock system is Legend's take on isolating a bike from road shocks using a conventional coil spring and shock absorber. Revo suspension achieves a softer, more compliant ride due to softer spring rates. The REVO line also uses coil springs that are specially wound a few inches longer than a standard spring. When compressed into the shock body, the special spring delivers a "sweet spot" that is noticeably larger and more usable than competitors that yields a great ride over a wide variety of road conditions. The REVO's shock bodies are all aluminum, as well! Heavy-duty versions are available and recommended for riders who ride at or near maximum load capacity more than half the time.


Spring rates produce superior ride quality and performance designed specifically for Dyna and FXR models
REVO's coils provide improved plush ride quality, control, and resistance to bottoming out
REVO's extended coil length has a larger "sweet spot" without increasing the overall shock length
REVO's unique spring rate offers ability to soften preload and/or reduce ride height while maintaining a smooth ride
Requires minimal preload adjustments when changing between rider weight or total motorcycle load
All suspension adjustments can be done by hand, no tools required
Easy installation and alignment is provided by spherical bearings on top and bottom
Black bodies with black springs
All REVO suspension components are assembled by hand
Sold in pairs
Made in the USA