TMF V2 Chain Kit

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  • TMF V2 Chain Kit

TMF V2 Chain Kit

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  • V2 Chain kit combines style and function to your bike! Put the power to the ground where it needs to be! Our new rear sprocket design is a electro-less Nickel Coated carbon steel that last 4 times as long as and aluminum sprocket. The tooth ring is pressed onto the inner with a 200t machine and held by 6 T9 stainless steel rivets which creates a nearly indestructible forged bond. Proven on 600hp bikes! Inner ring is lightweight 7075-T6 Aluminium! The EK 3D parts are precisely manufactured, leading to a greater improvement of transmission efficiency, better acceleration and efficient engine work. Features an original special plate with a lightening hole. EK creates a hole on both ends of a pin to lighten the chain without weakening the plate according to computer analysis. The edge-cut inner plate reduces friction and realizes smooth engagement with sprocket. This plate enables the chain to be light, removes mud from the hole and dissipates heat effectively.

    PBI Front Sprocket

    Hardened Steel Two Piece Rear Sprocket

    EK Three D Chain 

    ARP Stainless Hardware 

    Custom Spacer CNC

    Trans Spacer and Seal (FXR Only)




    24/50 - Close to Stock

    23/50 - Slightly Taller

    00-05 Dyna

    24/51 - Close to Stock

    24/53 - Slightly Taller

    06 Up Dyna and Dyna Stock

    25/51 - Close to Stock

    24/51 - Slightly Taller

    24/53 - Torque Kit

     ***** Other Ratios Available, Contact Us for More Info *****