Todds Cycle Speed Bars

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Todd's Cycle 1" Speed Cafe Handlebars

Custom handlebars with unique look and more aggressive riding position. Available in the Speed-Up type for more of a tracker-style bar or in the Speed-Down for a dropped cafe-style. Made with performance in mind from the materials to the manufacturing. Includes billet end caps for a finished look.


Available in Gloss Black 
Slotted for optional internal wiring
No knurling or fly-by-wire notch
1" diameter tubing
Made in the USA

Speed Up: 3" rise, 29 1/4" width, 5" center width, 4 1/2" pullback
Speed Down: -3" rise (3" drop), 29 1/4" width, 5" center width, 4 1/2" pullback
Note: Choosing the Speed-Up or Speed-Down type is going to determine where the internal wiring slots are positioned. The slots should always be on the bottom of the bars. The Speed-Up will have the bars in the upright position. The Speed-Down will have them in the downward position. Positions are not interchangeable.

Made in the USA