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Geared to Perfection

In the world of Harley Davidson at the moment, more and more riders are shifting to the traditional chain and sprocket vs the new designed belt drives. One of the most common questions we get when helping people make that jump is...What sprocket combo is best for me?? With all the choices available out there, let me run you through the most common and popular set ups for Dyna and FXR.


With the tradionationalist popping up in the FXR world most will suggest a 23/48 combo, mainly due to the fact that there wasn't many sizing options available in the past. But with all the new companies making sprockets, the options are out there if you know what you're looking for.

89-93 FXR Models came with a 24t compensator pulley which made these models a little more taller in the final drive ratio, lets face it the speed limit was 55 back then in California. The late model FXR 94 and later (FXR2/3/4) came with a 25 tooth comp sprocket which brought the drive ratio down a bit and gained top speed. Not to mention the FXR2/3/4 had a 65 tooth rear pulley as well.

When converting the FXR model bikes the happy medium we found is the 24/52 tooth combo. This give you a end ratio around 2.16 which is slightly lower than a stock ratio but with the Evo torque this combo always works well. The stock FXR ratio 32/70 pulley puts you at 2.18 with the late models being at 2.03... this happy medium performs the best for the all around rider.

Dyna (Early)

The 99-05 Dyna next to the FXR is arguably one of the best Dynas on the road today. The Dyna models from 99-05 had a 32/70 final drive combo and so also a 25 tooth front comp pulley.. Althought alot of people want to raise this for wheelies you really do sacrifice alot of top end anything above 2.18 rear ratio. If you're a freeway flyer... anything down to a 48 tooth will give you the top end to do 100 at a lower RPM and with the right mix of cam you can make up the lost torque. But if you don't have motor plans I suggest staying at 24/52.

Dyna (late)

For the 6 speed Dyna there's a few more options on the table to play with and not loose top end speed. The stock rear drive ration sits about 2.06, which if you're bike is stock really makes 6th gear unusable unless you are well over 80mph. Althought installing a torque cam on these bikes can solve that issue, so can the gearing. With theses you can stack up to a 60 tooth rear and still be able to keep up with your buddies. The stock chain ratio would be 25/52, but on these bikes with the passenger peg location we have realized that you cant go to small on that rear sprocket or it can drag. That's why if your shooting for stock instead of the traditional 24t front we recommend the 25t. If you bump it up to our most common and popular combo (24/55) you wont have clearance issues if you run the bung king slider for passenger pegs or no pegs. The 24/55 combo puts you at 2.29 and this combo seems to be money for most riders. It allows 6th gear to be usable with out winding out too early. Most riders like the 1-5 gear toque increases. So the best bang for your buck here is the 24/55.

So to recap

FXR and Early Dyna 24/52

Late Model Dyna or 6spd 24/55

Your aren't limited to these even if you order my kit you can request different sizes to meet your needs, but these are just the tried and true combos most riders love! If you need help deciding or have any questions reach out to me direct and I will get ya taken care of!