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Got Wobble?

Wobble is one of the most common issues when it comes to your Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you have had any seat time you know that most bike have some sort of shimmy and shake whether it happens in the twisties or straight, it is not a good feeling. Here's some tips that you may have over looked.

1. Motor Mount Clearance

As you ride and wear down your stock motor mounts they begin to sag. This sag cause the mount to act like a solid mount vs a rubber mount as it is suppose to. Harley recommends .030 gap with motor weigh on the mounts. You can achieve this clearance tolerance by simply removing and shaving down the excess rubber.

2. Tiltometer

Your rubber mounted twin cam can have the angle thrown off over time and as the motor mounts wear. This is a easy way to ensure you're on track. Make sure your table is level and bike is level for measurements.

With the bike level measure the front rotor tilt. (should read 90*)

Verify the back wheel is also at 90* (check with wheel on and off ground) If off by any you need to lift the tank and adjust to 90*

Here is some pictures of what it looks like when not right.

Here is a corrected engine tilt.

3. Shock Adjustment!

This one is self explanatory. With your bike on the lift, measure the mount to mount distances on your shocks on each side. You should be even on both sides. Measure with both the wheel on the ground and off the ground. If you are good off the ground but not on the ground your preload is not adjusted correctly. If you are good on the ground but not off, you need to refer to tip 2 and check your tilt.

4. Motor Mount Bracket

This is a very common issue I see on the daily basis. With most people riding their bikes and not doing proper upkeep, these are common bolts that come loose and can make the bike feel like the motor is wanting to come out of the frame. If loose the link can bend so give these a quick check along with the bolts that hold the mount to the heads.

With so many people doing wheelies and stunts on their Harley's, if you pick up a used bike and you're having wobble issues and your have exhaust all the common first checks (wheel bearings, tires, tire balance, neck bearings.. etc) this should be your next step. Remember, even if you have a new bike these small things can sometimes be over looked right of the show room floor. 

For more info feel free to email me or comment on this blog! If you have exhausted all avenues email me and we can discuss your wobble issues one on one!

thanks for reading!