Identify Your 13 Spoke Mags

Identify Your 13 Spoke Mags

As if it wasn't hard enough to track down a clean set, it becomes an even bigger issue with people who aren't wheel experts to identify them. One of the most common problems I see is that customers do not know where their 13 spokes came from.

There's a few tricks that can help you identify those mag wheels, but before we get to those, I want to talk about the reasons these wheels are for sale and what to look for when buying a wheel.

When customers come to me asking where they can find mags for their Dyna or Sotftail, I usually tell them to check on Craigslist, Ebay or FB/IG Classified pages. This is usually where you can find the most wheels for sale, but it is also where you can find some junk for sale. While you navigate through the different options remember there is really only 3 reasons these mags are no longer on a bike.

Reason 1 - They had a problem with the bike and parted it out.

Reason 2 - They upgraded the wheels.

Reason 3 - The wheels are fucked up.

Now, reason 1 or 2 is usually referred to as the reason for them being for sale but unfortunately, some people are shady and will sell you them due to reason #3. So if you find yourself questioning the origins of the mags they are probably questionable them selves, so tread carefully and ask questions.

If the wheels have bearings in them. This will be alot easier to identify the origins. First ask the bearing numbers on the seals.

9267 - is a stock 3/4in bearing. These Mags are probably 99-05 and will need to be drilled and will use one of these two kits. Original Kit or if you have a 06/07 Dyna you will need the 06/07 Kit and lastly if you have a FXBB, get the Original FXBB Kit 

9247 - is a stock 1in bearing. These Mags are of the same era as above 9267 but are more in the 04/05 range as these bikes had a 1 inch axle. You may find a pair that has one of each of these bearings installed, either 1in in back and 3/4 in front or vice versa. These wheels will use the same kit and probably only need one of the hubs drilled out.

9276 or 6205 - is a stock 25mm bearing. These Mags are off a 08 and up sportster. These wheels should not have to be drilled to accept the bigger axle and will use this kit Sportster Kit for Dyna or if you have a FXBB it will use this kit Sportster FXBB Kit 

So next question would be my wheels have none of these numbers on the seals. You will need to measure in inner diameter of the bearing to verify. 3/4 should be 3/4, 1in should be 1in and 25mm should be 25mm. Remember 25mm is not 1 inch. 1 inch is converted to 25.4mm so make sure you use precise measurements.  Also, main tip to avoid being sold reason #3 wheels, if you can put in the wheel bearing by hand, these wheels are trash, the bearings should be interference fit!

If your wheel has a seal thats removable and then a bearing falls out. These are tapered bearing wheels that are 99 and earlier and there is not kit for those wheels. 

Now if your wheels have no bearings it can get a bit difficult, so here is how you identify.  

00-05 Wheels - These wheels will have even bearing cup depths, so you need to measure from the bearing cup lip to the seat. If they check out and are even on both sides, front and rear, use the kit that's compatible with the 9267 or 9247 bearings as listed above. Some other identifiers of this wheel is they are usually silver lipped with black inlays. Although they can also be blonde or silver with the gold inlay as well. Measure the cups, because there is blonde sportster wheels as well.

08 - Up Sportster Wheels - These wheels will have a shorter bearing cup on one side of the wheel. Measure from the bearing cup lip to the seat. If these are the mags you have then use the kits compatible with the 9276 or 6205 bearings as listed above. Some other identifiers of these mags are that they are usually black lip with silver cut spokes. They do come in full blonde as well so, if in doubt measure the cups!

Now, the final wheels that usually end up in your hands and costing you money, Tapered early wheels, 99 and Earlier. These are easily identified by measuring the bearing cup inner diameter, it usually read 1.75-1.78 inches and the rotor and pulley diameter measures at 1.90. where as the sealed wheels (the ones that work) will read 52mm or 2.047in and 2.20 on the outer. You can also identify the front by the speedometer notch hole that sits out side the bearing cup. These wheels will not work with my kits.

These are usually the stock color of the 00-05 mag wheels


These are usually the color of the 08-Up Sportster wheels

These are the tapered style wheels that do not work! 

If you look closely at the front wheel. Here is the speedo mount


Good Luck!