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Feuling Crank Shaft Run Out Tool

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Fueling Crank Run Out Tool

Simplifies and speeds the process of checking crankshaft run out on both Twin Cam® and EVO® model engines with the crankshaft installed. Mounts to the cam chest side of the engine case using the designated mounting holes of the tool combined with the handled thumb screws and the case cam cover bolt holes. Gives quick and accurate readings of the engine’s crank pinion shaft run out and makes for a great display to show and explain to customers the condition of their crankshaft. Quickly and accurately measures gear drive back lash on Twin Cam engines, using the supplied spacer to bolt indicator to top right cam cover bolt hole.


  • High Grade Billet Plate
  • Top Quality Dial Indicator
  • Works for TC and Evo Models
  • Made in the USA