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Andrews Cams 06-Up TC

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Size: 21H

Andrews Cams 06-UP Twin Cam

Designed for use with stock Harley-Davidson hydraulic lifters
Can be installed on both carbureted and fuel injected models Matching EZ-install pushrods kits are sold separately. EZ-install pushrods do not require removal of gas tanks or rocker boxes when installing bolt-in 


12H: Bolt-in cams for 99-06 engines; Similar cam time to stock 88 engines for cooler running and more power.

21H: Bolt-in cam more torque for all around riding with heavy bikes, stock compression ratios and stock pistons; Similar to #23 cam for EV80. (1700-4800 RPM).

26H: Bolt-in cam 88-95 in. and stock compression ratio; Great for two up touring, this cam will add torque and HP at lower and middle RPM ranges (1800-5200 RPM).

31H: Great cam for motors with 95 in. and 9.8 to 10.2 CR; Lower TDC lift for easy installation; Similar to TW37 with different timing (2400-5600 RPM).

37H: Hot street cams for 88 or 95 in., 80+ rear wheel HP possible with well tuned 88 in., more with 95; Smooth idle, broad torque (2200-5600 RPM).

48H: Broad tip cams for baggers with stock motors; Max torque at low and mid RPMs; High lift springs needed for 99-04 engines.

50H: Designed for easy installation in 95 in. motors with stock heads and 9.5 to 9.8 CR. (2400 to 6000 RPM). 54N: Great cam for 95 in. engines with CR to 10:1 (2200-5600 RPM range). Added to the conversion cam group by popular demand.

55H: Great cam for 95 in. with 9.8 to 10.2 C.R.; Max HP - torque at mid and upper RPMs (2600 to 6200). 67N: Performance cams for 95-107 in. + 10.0 to10.8 CR with high-flow head setup.(2600-6400+ RPM).