Baker Compensator Sprocket

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Baker Compensator Sprocket for Harley-Davidson

BAKER Drivetrain offers the final solution to the late model compensator problems. The BAKER Drivetrain compensator sprocket is engineered with an annular oil distribution system that scavenges primary oil and pumps it with centrifugal force to all radial and axial thrust surfaces. English translation: This sprocket delivers quiet operation, relentless durability, and refined function to smooth out the inherent power pulsations of the second-generation Twin Cam and M8 motors.


  • Same 34T as stock, does not change primary ratio
  • Works with stock or aftermarket primary tensioners
  • Engineered for quiet operation and increased durability, less "clunking" than the stock compensator 
  • Decreased compensating cam lobe diameter yielded a significant reduction in cam lobe velocities. With the reduction in cam lobe velocities, comes a reduction in wear.
  • Increased radial width of the compensating cam lobes reduced the P.S.I. loading which greatly extended the durability.
  • Seven supportive spokes structurally tie the sprocket ‘ring’ to the sprocket hub.
  • The mass of the sprocket is concentrated towards the center so the ‘flywheel effect’ is minimized which reduces N&V noises during operation and shut down.
  • Heat treated 4140 alloy steel construction.
  • Made in USA