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Thunderheader X Series

Original price $1,840.00 - Original price $2,598.00
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$1,840.00 - $2,598.00
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Thunderheader X Series

The new THUNDERHEADER X-SERIES for Touring is our large diameter exhaust specifically designed for big cubic inch engines (107" and larger), built to produce big numbers. The X-SERIES is designed with 2" primary tubes with a 14 degree transition chamber to allow more exhaust flow. Our unique patented baffle in conjunction with our trademark tail cone is designed to allow a free flowing exhaust while creating a anti reversion condition in the pipe which will aid the air/fuel flow on the intake stroke to allow more fuel into the combustion chamber. This means more torque at the low & mid RPM ranges and maximum horsepower at top end. The X-SERIES comes complete with heat shields and all mounting hardware.

Most pipes in stock but could be up to 5-8 week lead if we do not have the item in stock. Please email to check stock.

Race waiver needed for California customers (Click Link to Access)