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Darkhorse Man O War Crankshafts

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$1,495.00 - $1,995.00
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Darkhorse excusive line of parts, supports the ever-growing need for big horsepower and torque. Our H-Beam Chromoly connecting rods are second to none. Product options include our inexpensive competition rods (made with imported forgings), to our impressive “Made in the USA” forgings and Carrillo-made connecting rods.  Centerlines are machined to within .0003” of each other. They are the only rod that can provide you a true .001” stack-up tolerance which is quickly becoming industry standard.

Darkhorse's innovative Pro-Plug System is often copied, but never duplicated. Our system far outperforms welding alone. It is is truly the cornerstone of our success and reputation.  All our proprietary bearings and races are now available exclusively through Darkhorse.

Our precision balancing method has proved to our dealers, and their customers, the benefits of a properly balanced crankshaft from Darkhorse Crankworks. Since 1980, we have been perfecting our processes, constantly reviewing and improving. This method equates to the smoothest crankshafts in America.

Since 1980, we have performed extensive testing on crankshaft balancing and conducted vibration analysis. We have concluded that the most important unit of measure is runout at each main bearing race. Runout measured at the end of each shaft is a byproduct of those measurements.

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