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Dynatek Ignition TC88 2P


Dynatek TC88 2p

For anyone looking to upgrade their bikes motor, you’re going to need ignition to get the timing correct. Not only has Dynatek been in the bike game for along time, they are also the best.


  • Dynatek is the performance leader for quality electronic products in the motorcycle industry. With the help of top racers and motorcycle builders around the world, Dynatek has worked to create the electronic products necessary to support the modern motorcycle
  • This is a single-fire, fully programmed performance ignition system
  • Sixteen programmable advance curves fall into three groups: stock to slightly modified motors, heavily modified motors and insanely modified motors
  • Eight rev-limiter settings in 250-rpm steps from 5750-7250 rpm
  • Full digital accuracy in all functions
  • Compatible with stock and performance coils -- less than 1-ohm resistance
  • Constant monitoring of coil current to provide constant full spark energy
  • Uses all stock sensors and connectors
  • Built-in reverse battery and spike protection
  • Data recording monitors 6 functions: total engine hours, time wide open throttle, longest time operating at wide open throttle, max rpm, seconds near rev limit and number of engine starts
  • PC programmability makes possible an eight point fully definable wide open throttle curve and a fully definable part throttle curve, programmable rev limit in 50 rpm steps, 0-5 programmable dead cranking revs, total of +/- 10° rear cylinder offset, programmable rev limiter, and security lock out (pin # activated)
  • Not for fuel-injected models