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Fox Front Spring Kit

Original price $129.99 - Original price $129.99
Original price
$129.99 - $129.99
Current price $129.99
Bike: Dyna
Style: STD

Fox Fork Spring Kit

The FOX Fork Spring Kit gives the proper support you need to handle the turns and keep your front end in check during hard braking. FOX’s spring kits use linear rate springs that maintain the same support throughout the fork’s travel and won’t dive when you brake or wallow when you corner. OE springs are multi-rate with a soft initial travel that ramps up dramatically through the fork’s travel. This can lead to inconsistent and unpredictable handing. FOX’s spring rate is consistent no matter where you are in the travel, eliminating the vague feeling stock springs have in bumpy corners and giving you confidence to twist the throttle and power through the turns.


  • Model-specific ride tune
  • Works with existing forks to maintain original look
  • Tuned for improved rider comfort and cornering control
  • Linear spring rates support the fork with consistent force, reducing brake dive