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Thunderheader X Series M8 Softail

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$1,723.00 - $1,840.00
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Thunderheader X Series M8 Softail

  • Designed to give maximum horsepower without sacrificing low-end torque
  • 2-into-1 systems with patented collector design that directs spent exhaust gases in a spiral motion through four acoustical damping chambers
  • Exhaust travels through these chambers at high velocity to scavenge spent exhaust gases from the combustion chamber and bring in a fresh charge of air/fuel mixture
  • Anti-reversion design works to impede reverse flow through the system -- reverse flow can contaminate the incoming fuel/air mixture, which reduces performance and throttle response
  • As reverse flow enters the collector, the diffuser deflects it through vents; the pyramidal trap and apertures impede the reverse flow, allowing time for the exhaust valve to close
  • Flow director has equal area at each end, allowing exhaust gases to travel at a constant velocity over the entire length to improve exhaust scavenging
  • Includes a set of full-coverage heat shields

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